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Bye Bye Summer!..

i d0nt n0 ab0ut yall but im ready 4 winter 2 b here already! im dying 2 wear my boots, hoodies, skinny jeans, leggins, UGGs..ect..ect! Ughh im 0ver the Summer all this heat is killin me!

UPDATE 0n Hair Crack

0k so i finaly tryed the Jonathan Hair Crack! it works amazingly N0 Frizz & N0 grease! im juss gunna say right now All Jonathan Hair products work amazingly in 06' we tryed his hair serum 1night we went out an stayed out till m0rnin (in New 0rleans humidity is a B*tch) 0ur hair was straight the wh0le weekend! G00d stuff..

Taking it back to 5th Grade!

So while Ive been sick, Ive had some spare time to do some online window shopping and I came across this BFF Sharing Necklace from Juicy Couture. I was thinking about these the other day..I used to buy them all the time with my friends from Claire's or the Icing! lol Man i miss being that cheap..anyhoo one day when this recession doesn't kill my wallet I'm going to get a set for me and vickemers!

I G0t the NuVo B0ttle!

As i Promised i g0t the b0ttle! YAY! s0 its BIGGER then i thought but thats a g00d thing an i can deffenatly see y "The Stars" drink it! its Yummy! its g0t a hint 0f r0se wine taste an u can deff smell the Vodka! l0l but its Good! im already Drinkin an its 0nly 5pm (in N0LA)

NuVo (Sparkling Vodka)

S0Oo i was watchin the New Mario video called Break-up an at the end they were holdin these lil pink bottles! we l0ve liquor s0 i had 2 find out wat it was! Its the Worlds 1st Sparking Liquor! its 4rm Lond0n an there only sellin it in certain locations! this is the website its $29.99 but on its on sale 4 $19.99!
S0 cheap! im surprised "the Stars" are even drinkin it! but is it G00d? i must find 0ut! ima 0rder it an let yall n0! l0l

Isaac's Crazy

VICTORIA: My lil Brother Isaac is extremely Rand0m, he is the BIGGEST Lil Wayne Fan ever!l0l but This 4th 0f july weekend we all went 2 Perdid0 Beach (MArion 0f c0urse was 15mins away) we went 2 "The Track" 2 d0 s0me racing! Isaac decided he wanted 2 ride the Carousel.. mind u hes 6'2 & 200pounds! its EXTREMELY FUNNY!!

Hair Crack

As former employees of a hair salon, we like to review hair products that make your hair look amazing! This week's pick is Jonathan's Straightening Lotion:

I recently got this as a gift from Sephora on my birthday, however I'd sooo pay the $26.00 for this. I use this when I blow dry my hair with a round brush and it leaves it looking very smooth, plus it detangles your hair..making it super easy to blow dry. I haven't used it for straightening yet [thats vicky's department, i do waves/curls!] but I'm sure it works just as great. This product is a must have for any one who loves to have fabulous hair.